Tekeba & Friends offers wide range of holistic valuation and property advisory services; from transaction advisory to valuation, planning and property management.

Valuation and Advisory Services

As pioneers in practice of the valuation profession in Ethiopia we understand that accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment, financial reporting ,strategic decision making ,tax accounting ,judicial decision making and many more critical requirements , enabling our clients to make informed business decisions. Our specialist valuation professionals will provide our clients with unique perspectives and access to decades of largest valuation database in Ethiopia. we employ our unparalleled and extensive valuation expertise , and state-of-the art technology to deliver exceptional valuation, advisory and consulting services across all property types and businesses

The Purpose of valuation we undertake include the Following:

  • Valuation for tax accounting
  • Valuation for assets fair value measurement in accordance with IFRS -13
  • Valuation for property transaction, property tax and court appointed witness
  • Valuation for financial reporting
  • Valuation of sale and purchase
  • Valuation for strategic financial decisions making
  • Valuation for taking up new business partners
  • Valuation for insurance loss assessment and surveying Valuation for liquidation, mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuation for loan collateral and recovery
  • Valuation for compensation
  • Valuation for disputes settlement
  • Valuation for statutory requirements
  • Other valuation requirements

Land and Property Advisory

Our Land and Property professionals specialize in land entitlement and disposition in the unique Ethiopian land tenure system, offering clients extensive knowledge of local market conditions, legislative frameworks, competitive land parcels and regulatory issues, to assist landowners in maximizing their property values. Land use right owner, developer and investor representation services include market analysis and feasibility studies, strategic site selection, financial analysis, demographic and mapping services and property acquisitions and dispositions.

Services offered under the Land and Property Advisory include:

  • Property disposition and acquisition
  • Market analysis and feasibility studies
  • Strategic site selection
  • Financial analysis
  • Financing/equity sourcing
  • Market trends and forecasts
  • Development consulting
  • Highest and best use studies
  • Review of strategic alternatives
  • Bankruptcy sales
  • Advisory Services on property acquisition
  • Business and real estate projects appraisal
  • Advisory on land tenure rights,
  • Real property taxation and spatial planning,
  • Resolution of disputes over tenure rights and trans-boundary matters,
  • Land administration best practices

Property Management and Advisory

Property owners & investors are united by a common objective: to reduce costs and increase returns. Bringing a team of property management specialists on board to help you run your residential or commercial portfolio is the key to maximizing returns from your properties. Tekeba & Friends’ specialist property management professionals will be of great asset to you if you are juggling several different properties, and at loss managing your own properties. Our services will free up valuable hours each day, while also optimizing the performance of your property in the market. We will relive you of all the burden of everyday management hassle with minimal engagement or total takeover at very reasonable fees

Services offered under Property Management and Advisory include:

  • Estate agency and management, including leasing, maintenance and repair, accounting and reporting, provision of utilities and insurance, tax settlement, rent rate setting and collection
  • Administration of residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate
  • Rent and lease administration
  • Asset management and disposal
  • Investment management tasks
  • Acquisition and disposition
  • Development and rehabilitation